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        About Us

         Changzhou Maixingni Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a Hi-Tech enterprise integrated research, development, production and sale in its one body. 120SN series printed circuit permanent-magnet motor and all kinds of welding wire feeder can be used for all kinds of CO2 welding machine and welding torch. It is suitable for solid welding wire and flux-cored wire of steel wire, aluminum wire, zinc wire, etc. The main machine has long life and does not necessary to maintain and reaches to domestic advanced level. The company can supply all kinds of wire feeder and its fittings in accordance with the selection of customer all the year round.
                It is just the target of Maixingni people to Build Top-ranking Enterprise, Create International Brand. We persists in the business idea of Good Faith Foremost, Mutual Benefit, Develop Together all the time and are willing to payback the society with qualified product, reasonable price and excellent service.
              The company will sincerely serve to wide customers and welcome friends at all cycles to our company.

        Product List

        AddZhenxi Industrial Zone,Henglin Town,Wujin District,Changzhou Tel:0519-88462599 Fax:0519-88462599
        Zip:213101 E-mailmxn@maixingni.com